III. engender

All living things survive to produce. At the most basic level, life is defined by the creation and management of proteins and various macromolecules. The single-celled organism holds itself in worldly order through the manipulation of these assets.
Even the virus subsists to produce and no more; to produce by means of another machinery, it replicates and thus establishes itself as a force worthy to hold in contention. It can be seen as a pure form of production: something constant, predictable: creation for no other means than to continue a lineage. No conciousness, no feeling, no capacity for anything resembling "life". Yet even more complex organisms do nothing more than engender a living spirit in a biological construction.
The human body itself expends its efforts to an aimless, frenzied race to replicate against the will of the soul, and the resistant body is doomed to rot from within, the victim of a concentrated biological suicide attempt. The flesh constricts, rejecting itself the humor from which it feeds, and the physical form becomes victim of boiling units of mass that flood the physicality with toxin. The process of life becomes a struggle to live under the limits of a slow autocide.
The living being exists to replicate, and, by the same means, to contribute to a greater whole through means of replication. The plant attempts to re-create itself, and bears fruit to nourish another organism. The organism dies, and becomes the source of life for another.
The human soul exists on a crossroads of production. To create mindlessly is idility, to create nothing is purposeless. To revel in the bounty of earth is to assume onesself is worthy, to reject all natural pleasures is a fate worse than death. Thus, the human soul leads a presence of guilt, mitigated by only a sporadic interspersal of diversion.
The ability to reproduce is considered a prerequisite for classifying an existance as an occurance of life; a broken organism without the ability to reproduce is useless to the point of nonliving. The human condition, ever giving creation to a new generation as cursed as the last, is a cycle of condemned creation.