I ran - I don't know why I ran. It was as if I was enchanted - no, posessed - posessed with an ardent and so wholly mistefying sense of duty and amazement.

As I ran, the forest began to light up in front of me, the trees and snowy ground decorated with a soft light, equally black and white. It shone dimly, but something behind it held a power - something intrinsic and full of force. As I continued into the woods I head the crunch of the snow under my feet turn to the unpleasant squelching of mud, and all at once felt my skin grow warm and prickle as if I was in full sunlight. I knew, all at once, that the energy this falling star held in it would vaporize me before I would be able to even comprehend that I was gone, no longer running towards it, towards the epicenter - towards -

Then, bursting into a clearing, the molten dirt and rock under my feet unsettling my sprint, the trees clearing away as I ran, fragile leaves disentigrating in the presence of the fire fast approaching. And with this, feeling my skin begin to boil and the clothes catch fire on my skin, I jumped, arms outstretched.

I couldn't see. There was no light between the intrusion and the sky, as if it cared not for taking up the same space as other matter. No, it gave off no light. I felt as if I had merged with the very center of the Earth, solid, burning, compacted, as the full force of the fallen object impacted with my outstretched arms. My form was inconsequential. I was going to be ripped through, a smattering of organic material to be incorporated into churning rock. And then I caught him, and it was as if I was encased in ice.

This was it, I knew then - the heat of my body lifted away, and all time stopped for that instant. Nothing moved. A perfect array of matter, content in its place, a crystalline complex of two bodies, barely touching. In that split second, I felt as if I understood something more perfect than I would ever be able to approach again.

My foot, then, caught on the frozen rock beneath my feet, and I fell, my arms protecting what had landed in them instead of my body. I skid across the mottled surface, smooth like basalt, feeling the collision and seeing nothing. Then, opening my eyes as by body stang mortally, ached mortally, as if all the bones beneath my skin and muscle had been impacted all at once - and seeing purple, and smelling nothing, and feeling something soft like skin. Lifting my head, then, to find my arms beneath the crook of a foreign neck and bent legs - I looked down, seeing not a star, but some one else fallen.